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This post is related to the current U.S. Economy and Website design companies in the United States. In the last several months as the news media has told americans about the ever growing problems in the U.S. Economy and the issues we all face financially, I have seen a dramatic shift in companies spending on new websites and web development. Things have crawled to a stand still in our company and I can see that major corporations are no longer spending large amounts on Internet Technology.

 As each day passes and the phone rings less and less with new business opportunities what is really coming? Are we really heading into a recession in the economy? I would have to say yes we are heading for a recession and yes we are already in one. 

Where does the future lie for web design companies in the United States and when will things start to get back to normal?

 First off let me say that the republican party has really made a mess out of the U.S. economy and that they should be ashamed of themselves. Special intrest groups have swayed politicians into doing everything for corporations and completely left out the small businesses that fuel the U.S. economy. That being said what is a small business owner in america supposed to do to keep things rolling. Allot of them turn to the web to drum up new business and to try and establish new business contacts. The problem for website developers is that clients now want things at a discounted price or they expect to get way more for what they want to pay for.

Second is the problem of outsourcing website design and development to India and other countries abroad. It seems that more and more web companies are outsourcing work to other countries thus taking work and food out of the mouths of hungry U.S. website developers. Unfortunately many people only care about the mighty dollar but what happens when all of the work is being outsourced to other countries…This has been an issue I have been faced with on many occasions and have finally decided that I will not outsource my clients work to India and else where and that it is more important to keep jobs in the U.S.

We all have an obligation to keep our nation’s economy flowing with new jobs and not out-sourcing them to other nations. As the U.S. dollar gets weaker and recession sets in for all us…many things are going to need to be looked at on how we can make the United States the super power it once was. Take Russia as an example here was a country who was just as powerful as the U.S and it fell to pieces based on the huge amounts of corruption with in its government. The United States faces the same threat as Russia…to many corrupt politicians taking money and not doing what they were elected to do. “Protect the American people”

 What happened to the days of morals and believing in whats best for the country and it’s people? I think the time has come for Americans to stand up and take back our country from the corrupt politicians who currently run it. The fact that special intrest groups have as much power as they do is a joke to our For Fathers who built a new nation based on freedom and equality to all. Today it seems that only huge corporations have a say in what happens here in the U.S.

For the Website development community and the Internet as a whole we need to re-evaluate who we elect and closely monitor what they do. Government needs to be more accountable to the people and not to themselves. I am scared of what is to come in the coming months as business continues to decline for myself and probably allot of other website developers.  What is going to take to get this once great nation back on its feet and keep the American people at the top of their game.

Being a U.S. Veteran and also a small business owner I believe in this country and it’s people…unfortunately I have lost faith in it’s government and their ability to properly run our great nation.