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So what is the future of the internet? Allot of us believe that someday the web will be fully mobile. I have always envisioned a day where we all carry a personal genie around with us and it will be able to do just about every facet of the internet today and much, much more.

I always pictured a little floating ball that you can basically just ask it to do any sort of online search, check email, get driving directions and maps, schedule appointment, research anything you need information about, schedule reservations to your favorite restaraunt, help you book travel, keep all of your business contacts and information, have all of your personal files, pictures, videos and whatever else you need all in the convience of a tiny hard drive and web connection.

Basically you would just say “Genie get me directions and a reservation to…” and it would take care of the rest. Project a holigram display of the directions and call the restaraunt for you.

What do you vision as the future of the internet. I think it would be awesome to have a personal assistant that handled everything for you right at your side all the time.