Tatem Website Design has been designing and building website’s since 1996. Located in West Palm Beach Florida we are in the business of creating professionally designed website’s for large to medium size companies.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We are an Accredited Domain Name Registrar and will host your website on our Super Fast/Reliable Servers. We provide a full maintenance service which keeps your website up to date. Windows Website Hosting Plans and Unix Hosting Website Hosting Plans are available.

Website Development

Our website development services include website architecture design, organizing, and editing strong and useful content for your website. We present your material in a clear and concise manner, keeping in mind that your viewer will decide whether they are going to stay on your website and read your information in the first 2 minutes of their visit.

Website Design Consultations

An initial website design consultation will determine the goals you’d like to reach through the website including the image you want to portray to your visitors. We work with you to co-ordinate the website’s design with your existing marketing material or design an entirely new approach. Contact Tatem Website Design today to get started on your new website project.


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